Fun Facts about Polka Dot

In 1996, Marzena Parys and her husband Mariusz Parys, who had immigrated from Poland, initiated a quest for employment and education. However, they decided to take a gamble and establish a family venture named Polski Meat Market, which was a butcher shop specializing in producing hams and kielbasas.

Marzena diligently cared for their three children, Adam, Gabby, and Antoni, while Mariusz crafted the meats. Sadly, Mariusz passed away in 2005, leaving Marzena to manage the business alone while also providing for and looking after their young children. Surprisingly, the business's popularity exceeded Marzena's expectations, prompting her to rename it as Polka Dot. Remarkably, Polka Dot has thrived for more than 25 years.

Polka Dots customers are more than just customers, they are considered family too!